Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Kojo Nnamdi Show: Social Networking: Hazards and Opportunities

listening to the Kojo Show today

There is so much hype now about facebook and other social networking security issues.  I personally am mortified that employers are using social networking sites to spy on prospective employees and threaten current employees with termination.  I'd like to see what types of companies are actually monitoring these activities.  Also, the E-policy Institute talking about IP blocking?  That is ridiculous to me.  All those companies are working on an old model where the employer holds complete power over the employee and hampers creativity and focuses on weaknesses.  This mentality leads to less productivity and happiness in the long run, but it's not apparent since there are so few employers following a well thought out business model of encouraging strengths within their employees.

Also, Journalists using facebook?  WTF!? That's worse than citing wikipedia!  Maybe I'm old guard, but the idea that personal and public facades are different things rings true with me.  Possibly because I am a Gemini, but there are always different facets to a person, and the ones that come out on the weekend or after hours be that a kayaker, or a goth club dancer, does not, and should not be any indication of your performance at your job, unless of course it leaks over and affects your performance on a regular basis.

I know that the workforce is moving towards a lifestyle that has occupation and the rest of life tightly integrated, but there needs to be room for individuals to choose to draw a line between the two.

OK also, you're friends with your students?  Bad Call.

There is also a disconnect between those that have grown up with FB as a strictly social tool for college students to connect to each other, and those that see FB as an opportunity to connect in a professional space and attempt to monetize their network of contacts.  It's the second group, those that are using a social network for business purposes, that are making social networking sites a dangerous place.

The most lucid point I've heard so far has been from Jamie from Chevy Chase ~41 min.  His point reinforces my ideas that companies need to change their policy in the face of new technology.  Nancy Flynn and her hands off "well, there's not much we can do!" attitude is starting to really irritate me.  She vaults the importance of the company's rights over the individual.

A decent show and well worth listening to, but I'd like to see some numbers and hard facts from the ePolicy Institute.  A quick look at the website reveals no testimonials, and a shoddy attempt and selling Nancy's books and seminars.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Buddhist Economics

Great read, particularly in these economic and environmental times.  Some of the talk about consumption gets a bit convoluted, but the message is still there.  It's a way of thought that I haven't always subscribed to, but I know it's never been very far away.